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About the Film

The ‘Misaal’ film uses dramatic storytelling as a medium to connect with communities on the idea of how collectivization can lead to change. The film is based on the experiences of the MISAAL program, a 3 year long USAID supported program that worked extensively in vulnerable communities and helped create such platforms to collaboratively engage with urban local bodies.  

‘Misaal’ narrates the story of a fictional community residing in ‘Chaudi Basti’. Over the course of nine episodes a story unfolds of the community’s challenges, how the idea of a committee takes hold, how it succeeds and overcomes challenges of the settlement as a whole and also those of individuals.

The film is a musical, with a story driving song in each episode, and presents human stories to help the audience relate to the characters. The film also highlights important tools needed for settlement improvement, such as participatory mapping exercises, collective prioritization, documentation, livelihood development and responding to disasters.  

the series is live NOw! Watch on Youtube!

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