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Actor Training

Theater Media Center (TMC) believes performing arts allow us to engage our minds, bodies, and emotions. It also helps them to become well-developed individuals. Theatre builds confidence and develops creativity, empathy and concentration. It also improves verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Several artists have been trained through the Actor training program of TMC and many of them are working in Theatre and Film Industry successfully. TMC provides regular training in stage and camera acting, focusing on voice modulation and body language since its inception.

Dance Training

Classical dance is a great way to impart both physical and mental fitness. Bharatanatyam is a graceful Indian classical dance with flawless expressions and seamless movements such as wrist movements, facial expressions, and footwork. This glorious dance form has the power of healing and helps build the mind-body connection. Children as young as five years and above can take admission to the Bharatanatyam classes. Guru Shrimati Elaben Bhatia is a professional Bharatanatyam dancer and has been associated with TMC as Classical Dance Faculty for the last eight years. Students are also being prepared for standardized examinations held by recognized organizations to earn the certificate.

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Music Training

Music is a universal language that has the power to connect people from all walks of life. Learning to play music instruments can be a fulfilling experience and it also helps in improving the concentration. At TMC, Students are being trained in playing instruments such as Tabla, Harmonium, and Keyboard. Vocal singing is also a part of the training. TMC's music faculty, Guru Shree Smt. Mansi Parikh is Sangeet Visharad. Students as young as five years old can take admission to music classes. Students are also being prepared for standardized examinations held by recognized organizations to earn the certificate.

Lighting Workshop

Lighting is a critical part of all performing arts. Our lighting workshops give hands on training with the required equipments to create professionals capable of designing and executing stage lighting.

Stage Design

Set design is more than just craft, it is also about understanding movement and context. Our course covers everything from Natyashastra to an understand of alternative architectural theatre spaces. 

Sound Recording

Sound production is both a part of the performing arts, and a medium unto itself. Through practical exercises in our studio, we prepare students to create their own works.

Video Production

Our unique studio allows us to train students in indoor and outdoor productions. We train students in everything from script and screenplay development to final editing. 

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