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Dance Classes

TMC runs regular classes for Bharatnatyam since the last 4 years. All our students take the required qualifying exams, with ample support from their faculty, Ela Bhatia.

Lighting Workshop

Lighting is a critical part of all performing arts. Our lighting workshops give hands on training with the required equipments to create professionals capable of designing and executing stage lighting.

Sound Recording

Sound production is both a part of the performing arts, and a medium unto itself. Through practical exercises in our studio, we prepare students to create their own works.

Actor Training

Theatre workshops have been a regular part of TMC since its inception. Regular and vacation batches are organised in the morning and evenings for all aspirants. 

Stage Design

Set design is more than just craft, it is also about understanding movement and context. Our course covers everything from Natyashastra to an understand of alternative architectural theatre spaces. 

Video Production

Our unique studio allows us to train students in indoor and outdoor productions. We train students in everything from script and screenplay development to final editing. 

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