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Theatre as a participatory medium has played a very important role in healthy societal processes. It needs constant research and training of young talents, to reflect the changes occurring in the cultural life.

With this goal, the Batubhai Umarwadia Dramatic Research, Education and Training Institute (BUDRETI), a public trust, launched Theatre and Media Centre  (TMC), in 2000 for training, research, publication, documentation and dissemination of information in the broad areas of theatre and mass media. 

TMC also built on the legacy of Dhrujaati and the Garage Studio Theatre,  active since 1975. TMC provides access to resources in media and theatre including hands-on exposure to current technology and methods of production.

Our campus has under one roof a unique black box studio for media productions or theatre performances, a live editing capable suite, a library and archives. TMC-BUDRETI has been set up and mentored by Hasmukh Baradi.

About our founder, Hasmukh Baradi

Hasmukh Baradi, a veteran theatre and media specialist, is well acclaimed nationally and internationally for his contribution to the theatre and media communities. A playwright, who had to his credit numerous plays, short stories, and theatre articles, he ran the Theatre and Media Center in Ahmedabad, where he taught and groomed adults and children in the dramatic arts. He believed in total and comprehensive education. He also taught Screen Language, Video Production, TV Journalism, and TV Announcing/Anchoring/Scriptwriting. His plays have been translated in many Indian Languages and in English. They have been performed at numerous state, national and international festivals. He passed away on the 4th of February 2017 after a long struggle with pulmonary disease. His mantle has been taken up by his daughter, Manvita Baradi. 

Our Team

Executive Trustee

Manvita Baradi

An architect and urban planner by profession, she is currently the Executive Trustee of BUDRETI and director of TMC. She has directed plays like ‘Anant Gatha’ Baradi),and ‘Vinipat’ (Durrenmatt), and been an actor since her childhood. She is also the founder-director of Urban Management Centre.

Trustee and Faculty

Janak Raval

An accomplished actor and director, he has directed a number of stage plays including  ‘Joseph K. no Mukaddamo’ (Kafka), ‘Vanjar Ni Vat’, and ‘The Maids’ (Genet). He was selected as a Young Director by Central Sangeet Natak Academy in 1991. He has conducted workshops with children, students and tribals.

Trustee and Faculty

Naishadh Purani

Trained as an Ayurvedic Doctor, he first joined TMC in 2000 as a student at a script writing workshop. From there he was groomed as an actor and a director by Hasmukh Baradi. He worked for several years as an RJ with MyFM and RED FM. Currently he is working with Sandesh on a Gujarati Internet Radio project- Jalso.

Senior Manager

Yogesh Trikmani

A senior member of Theatre Media Centre and Garage Studio Theatre, he joined the team in 1984. Since then he has acted in numerous plays and played a critical role in facilitating our productions. He has also provided invaluable support in building the organisation over the years.

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