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Executive Trustee

Manvita Baradi

An architect and urban planner by profession, she is currently the Executive Trustee of BUDRETI and director of TMC. She has directed plays like ‘Anant Gatha’ Baradi),and ‘Vinipat’ (Durrenmatt), and been an actor since her childhood. She is also the founder-director of Urban Management Centre.

Trustee and Faculty

Janak Raval

An accomplished actor and director, he has directed a number of stage plays including  ‘Joseph K. no Mukaddamo’ (Kafka), ‘Vanjar Ni Vat’, and ‘The Maids’ (Genet). He was selected as a Young Director by Central Sangeet Natak Academy in 1991. He has conducted workshops with children, students and tribals.

Trustee and Faculty

Naishadh Purani

Trained as an Ayurvedic Doctor, he first joined TMC in 2000 as a student at a script writing workshop. From there he was groomed as an actor and a director by Hasmukh Baradi. He worked for several years as an RJ with MyFM and RED FM. Currently he is working with Sandesh on a Gujarati Internet Radio project- Jalso.

Senior Manager

Yogesh Trikmani

A senior member of Theatre Media Centre and Garage Studio Theatre, he joined the team in 1984. Since then he has acted in numerous plays and played a critical role in facilitating our productions. He has also provided invaluable support in building the organisation over the years.

Our Repertory

Ankit Patel

Hardik Shastri

Urvashi Shrimali

Ruchie Naik

Harsh Bhatt

Harsh Dharaiya

Keyur Trivedi

Mohit Sharma

Dilip Rangwani

Seena Patel

Jaimin Prajapati

Aakash Varule

Ravi Nagar

Jeenal Desai

Ankit Prajapati

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