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Manvita Baradi|Urban Manager|Actress|Planner

Manvita Baradi

An Architect and Planner by education and the director of Urban Management Centre, Manvita is also the executive trustee of Budreti trust. She is the daughter of founder trustee the late Shri Hasmukh Baradi. Manvita is also Dean, Faculty of Management, at CEPT University. She has worked as an actress, director and theatre teacher since her childhood. She is also the author of several books on theatre architecture and training too.


Anjana Puri

Dr. Anjana Puri is an exponent of Theatre Music and is a teacher and music composer at Rang
Vidushak, Bhopal. She received the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 2016, completed her postgraduation in Hindustani Vocal Music from University of Delhi in 1984, and her PhD from the University of Madras in 2008. She has composed music for around 40 plays with eminent theatre directors such as Bansi Kaul, B. Jayashree, K.S. Rajendran, and Tripurari Sharma, among others.

Dr.Pratik Umarwadia

He is grandson of late shri Batubhai Umarwadia, and son of Dilip Bhai profession he is medical doctor family physician medical consultant to Reserve Bank of India and Indian oil corporation, Medical Examiner for LIC of India ,senior first Aid trainer at St. johns ambulance association. A staunch Gandhian and deep spiritual thinker.


Ravikant Joshi

Apart from being an Urban Sector and Municipal Finances specialist, Dr Joshi has been director and actor in Marathi Theatre in Vadodara. He has a keen sense of theatre music and has pioneered revival of Marathi Theatre Music and Theatre songs. He has done his Masters in Dramatic Arts from
Music college, Baroda.

Naishad Purani|Radio Jockey|Actor|Director

Naishadh Purani

Doctor by profession (B.H.M.S.) But much interested in media carrier as radio jockey. Good poet, singer, actor, director and media professional, also program producer in FM Radio channels.

Janak Rawal

Retired banker very experienced stage actor and director performed many characters on TV screen also drama faculty and in house director at TMC.


Kaninik Baradi

Kaninik Baradi is graduate from the Construction Technology program at CEPT University and a writer. He has served as an Editor of the Literature Magazine 'Estrade', been the Moderator of the British Library Writers' Club for over 5 years, and taught writing at several instituations such as IIT-Gn, CEPT, and Red-Bricks. He was trained as a child actor and as a director by TMC. He has conducted workshops on theatre with underprivileged children alongside TMC's veteran directors.

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